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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 7, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> good morning, everyone, i'm katie marzullo. it's 6:00 a.m. on saturday morning a lot of stuff going on with cold and rain, maybe snow. meteorologist lisa argen, good morning. >> good morning to you. most of the activity, well, all of it moved through while you were sleeping. wind and rain and live doppler 7hd this morning w he picking up cloud cover, anybody a few sprinkles but all the advisories for the higher elevation snow has expired. could see a few sprinkles. temperatures dropping in the
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north bay. right now we are experiencing the mildest temperatures we will see all day because it's the northwest winds picking up behind the front. we will see numbers not get out of the 40s today. so 30s and 40s right now with some fog in in the north b. otherwise below average, chilly, dry today. cool afternoon. we will look for the breezy winds and another freezing cold night tonight into sunday night. but is there any more precip on the way? i'll let you know coming up. katie. >> lisa, thank you. in the south bay the frigid temperatures have been more than just uncomfortable, they have turned deadly. in the south bay four people have died from hypothermia in the past few days. nick smith has more on this story. >> i've been homeless for almost a year now. >> reporter: he is one of the men we met at this san jose shelter. without a home to call his open, the cold snap blanketing the south bay has forced him and others to look for a warm place to stay. >> knowing there was a warm place to go and you call and
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have nowhere else to go and in this is the right place to go. when you are down and out, you are cold, this place will help you out. >> others haven't been as fortunate. four men, each in their late 40s or 50s, have been found dead in different parts of the county. >> we want to try to get folks who don't have a home into shelter, particularly this weekend when its it's cold. >> temperatures fell below 30 degrees on friday and are expected to sink lower. so officials with santa clara county homeless program have placed an addition million 375 beds in area shelters. but they say that still won't be enough. >> it should never happen in this community. we should never have the heart break of this kind of loss. it's not necessary. it should never happen. >> nick smith, abc7 news. to the north by now where the higher elevations of napa valley got hit with snow as the plows came
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through. caltran plows were on standby in case more snow fell. we have more from example calistoga. >> caltran called out the plows and warned drivers of slippery roads at the summit. four miles down in the heart of calistoga, the evening was peppered with downpours. it was an awful trip to get anywhere. the locals say the wet blast is unusual. >> i can pretty much get through the entire winter without turning on my heat and i went home and turned the heat on so we are miserable. >> some people from chicago got a taste of the city we just left. >> it was supposed to be our wedding anniversary, and we're here, and in bed, just like chicago. >> to get out of the 39-degree cold, some folks jumped into 100
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degrees water in the calistoga spa hot springs. >> you can get cold when you step out and hot when you get back in and it's really good for you. >> walking back into the cold is the hard part. abc7 news. >> check out this caltran's image. this picture also from caltrans is west of willits on highway 20. in the sierra chains are required at 3200 feet on highway i-80. and there is a storm in the lake tahoe region. there was also damage to produce. the four winds growers have the most damage. they wereins lited in a protection covering but the cold still got to them. part of your plans like orange
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trees were not affected. this morning much of the u.s. is covered in ice and snow, especially in the south and midwest as the wintry blast heads east. four people have been killed on u.s. roads since the storm hit thursday. a windchill advisory is in effect for parts of northeast arkansas. alsos missouri boot heel. forecasters say windchill readings between 0 and minus 5 degrees may occur today. virginia officials warn residents of a major ice storm likely to take shape tomorrow. more than 2100 flights were cancelled nationwide. in the bay area s. f. o. cancelled about 13 arriving flights and is 17 departing flights. several flights at menet two san jose were also cancelled. we've been receiving photos of the cold snap. we have this picture of snow in ukiah in mendocino county. you can e-mail us your pictures. ureport kgo news/tv. we have news out of san jose where police are investigating a shooting that left a woman dead.
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it happened on moore park avenue a hip-hop concert was going on at the time and a gun fight broke out among several men. the woman killed has not been identified but police are saying she was 34 years old. one other become sustained minor injuries. there are no suspects in custody at this hour. we will keep an eye on it for you. also developing news out of san jose where police are investigating a fatal accident that happened just after midnight on the express way near moore park avenue where a car slammed into a tree. police say the car was speeding and it was raining. one man was killed. no word on whether or not alcohol was a factor. the expressway was closed while crews investigated but it's since reopened. in castro valley, east bay officials are assessing damage to homes after a water main break. the break of the twelve-inch main happened after 7:00 last night. crews were able to shut down the flow of water by 10:00, but the break caused flooding to several
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houses. >> i had water gushing from my neighbors behind me down the street. it was coming from under my house. just a mess. the break also caused a 10 by 15 sinkhole that trapped a fire truck. no word on what caused the watermain to break. we understand the fire truck was towed out of the sinkhole overnight. developing news this morning. the palo alto veteran held captive in north korea is on his way home. merrill newman was taken off the plane and held for more than a month. last night he was departed from -- deported from north corey a. we have the latest. >> >> merrill newman is on his way home from north korea after being held prisoner for more than a month. >> i appreciate the tolerance in a the dprk government has given to me to be on my way. >> the man had completed a ten-day tour of the north when agents of the communist regime dictator took him off his flight.
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the government claimed he killed north koreans during the war in 1950 to 1953. north korean state controlled television showed him reading from an apparent confession. >> they collected information from the dprk and killed three innocent operators, delayed the munition supplies using explosives. >> his son said he's absolutely delighted about the announcement. you can imagine this has been a very difficult ordeal for us as a family and particularly for him. >> reporter: newman's detention came as tensions remained high on the core row an peninsula, although the north has toned down their hostile rhetoric of earlier in the year when they threatened to launch warheads. >> they said newman was released because he apologized for his alleged crimes and because of his age and medical condition. vice president biden, who is in south korea, praised him last night and asked him if he wanted
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to fly home in style. i offered him a flight home in an hour force two, but he said he had a direct flight to san francisco. i don't blame him, i would be on that flight too. >> he is expected to arrive later this morning. that will be a bond, full moment for him and his family. 6:09. lisa keeping track of the cold snap. >> heavy snow right now in the sierra nevada. temperatures in the lower 30s and a winter storm warning through 10:00. they could see up to two feet in some spots. finally the written is winding down a look at the cold temperatures when we return. >> lisa, thank you. also neck, remembering nelson mandela. the tributes both here and in south africa. and the bat kid returns. the san francisco giants player he inspired and the challenge that all-star pitcher is
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♪ i picked it out in a snap ♪ what made it genius ♪ was my camouflage wrap ♪ that's my kind of holiday the search for a missing bay area pilot and his family has been scaled back in idaho. an executive dale smith and four family members disappeared while flying from oregon to montana last weekend. bad weather forced them to call off the air search for the family. officials say they cannot put their rescue people in harm's
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way. the morning continues in south africa for nelson mandela as details of his funeral are released. crowds of people dancing in front of mandela's house in johannesburg to honor him. tomorrow will be a day of prayer and he will be buried a week from sunday. by area leaders are remembering nelson mandela. one is a man seen visiting mandela in 1990s. williams was arrested at an anti-aparti rally in may of 1995 and nelson mandela said that movement helped quicken the end of the white minority rule. >> he's in jail and yet he comes out of jail and stands tall and said i am not going to destroy. i came here to liberate. that's who he is. >> abc7 news reporter lyanne melendez spoke to two former students that helped win divestment against aparti in
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south africa. >> reporter: these students had a man to help end aparti in south africa. the year was 1985 and the students were from berkeley. nancy was the leader of the divestment committee. >> it was student leaders like myself, community leaders, faith-based leaders where the city of berkeley was the first city to divest in 1979. there was already all this activism. >> there were daily rallies at the plaza. students began camping out until berkeley police staged a raid and arrested dozens of protesters. one of the leaders of the demonstrations was the student body president, who spoke to us via skype from new york. >> i think we played a role in elevating the issue and in generating broad support for the issue. >> all that is left of the future is now. >> by now the movement had
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gained a lot of media attention and the interests of professors, celebrities and lawmakers. >> ask the question, what the hell is the university of california doing making profits from a slave system in 1986? then speaker of the california assembly willie brown was invited to address the crowd and help convince the u.c. regents to urge them to divest their interests with south africa after a year. after a year they voted on a three-year plan to divest their holdings in south africa. >> the first vote was the regent vote this caused california to become the identifiable capital of the movement to kill aparti. >> and a memorial to remember the life and legacy of nelson mandela will take place in the rotunda of the city hall on wednesday at 8:00 in the
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morning. in the newsroom. lyanne melendez, abc7 news. the famous bat kid is returning to san francisco today for a fundraiser. five-year-old miles scott had leukemia but is in remission and who can forget this scene last month as thousands came to support miles as he fought the riddler and penguin. it was his wish to be a superhero. this morning he will reunite with the police chief for the brave the day fundraiser for the make a wish fundraiser. it's a holiday try agent lon of sorts with a 5k, a cable car pull and a cold dip in the bay. the giants all-star matt cain said he was inspired by the bat kid wish, and he is pledge to go match $50,000 if executive director patricia wilson can raise the amount today when she takes a plunge in the san francisco bay at the fundraiser. abc7 news anchor ama daetz is
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hosting the park at the aquatic park at 8:a.m. >> but you said the water will be warmer than the air? >> it will. a chilly start to the day. in fact numbers are out there, mildest right now. the cold front has swept on through. it did while you were sleeping last night. you can see the sierra snow. we are looking at the leftover showers, perhaps a few of them in the morning hours and then becoming sunny. quiet right now and even along the central coast not looking at any activity. we are looking at things winding down. but when will this cold air get out of here? it still is going to take a couple of days. so at about a half-inch san rafael. the rainfall totals the most in the north bay. napa over a quarter inch in
6:18 am
oakland and nearly half-inch in concord and san francisco. over a third with just over a tenth in san jose. the winter storm warning in the sierra nevada for the next several hours. still the possibility of maybe some moisture over mt. hamilton, but other than that not much left of this. we will look for a little fog. otherwise the temperatures dropping in many locations throughout the afternoon with temperatures now in the 40s. a freeze warning tonight. you can see the clear sky there, the bay bridge. we are in the mid-40s in oakland, 42 in san jose. getting a couple degrees warmer than this. northwest winds are going to result throughout the afternoon hours and it will be, once again, a very cool afternoon. another look at some temperatures from our sutro camera. the coolest numbers up in the north bay. we had a little fog in santa rosa. 33 now. 39 in napa with northwesterly winds behind the system. it's just 40 in concord. so the 24 hour temperature
6:19 am
change for this morning, a break from the freezing cold. so no 20s to speak of. considerably milder than where we have been. but the freeze warning in effect tonight and for the next two nights. so the cold front pushed on through. very little moisture left in its wake. but as we take you through the next couple of hours, a little green here representing the possibility of some light showers throughout the next few hours. that's 8:00. by 10:00 notice the peninsula and the santa cruz mountains could see some light shower activity. but all in all shaping up to be a sunny and chilly day. so the winter storm warning through 10:00 for south lake huh toe. the west slopes 8 to 12 inches with one to two feet above 7,000 feet. we are looking at about a foot at lake level. gusty winds and a heard time heading to the mountains throughout the day today. a look at the so-called high temperatures. upper 40s today. very chilly out there. northwesterly winds 10 to
6:20 am
20 miles an hour. and the accuweather seven-day forecast, even a few degrees of cooling tomorrow after the morning freeze. once again on monday a frosty start. sunny and milder on tuesday. partly cloudy wednesday. thursday may be the slightest chance of showers, but we may even remove that. and the upper 50s by friday. abc1 news has another great weather resource for you to follow. that's the live doppler 7hd on twitter or the latest weather conditions, spare the air alerts, power outage info and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. >> seems like we've never needed it more than now. thanks,'s lou.
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visit to find a sleep number store near you. >> 6:23. we are joined live from new york to tell you when is coming up on "good morning america." good morning. >> great to see you this morning. coming up on the show the latest on the monster storm that has brought death, property damage, travel delays and disruption to the delivery of holiday presents. now while there's a big new storm brewing. meteorologist ginger has everything you need to know. also caught on camera, the grinches who police say are stealing newly delivered gift right off the doorsteps of openers and wait until you hear what officials say the thieves
6:24 am
stole. and check out the brett favre. he's going from super bowl champ to high school football coach. even his players made it to the championship. did he coach them to a victory? the story coming up. and a recent music remake had a huge audience but many weren't happy with the production. what one men of the famous bon trap is saying about the performance. there's a little controversy there. >> stay tuned and find out what exactly that was. thank you. >> disney will soon have their top people work on the indiana jones franchise. they announced purchasing of distribution and market being rights wednesday. it will make it easier to develop and release a new movie or tv series. disney is the parent company of
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abc7. you can get an early start on the holiday season and bring your family to a party with sports celebrities at at&t park and help underprivileged children. these are pictures from the annual holiday heroes celebration put on by this children's foundation. you can meet celebrity hosts, joe and jennifer montana or mingle with skier johnny moseley, or with the stars from the giants, raiders, the sharks and the san jose earthquakes. more than 300 children from local charities will also be there. >> the kids have a really fun time doing the arts and crafts and video games. they leave with a gift bag and sometimes the gift bag is the only present they will receive during the holiday season. abc7 news anchors cheryl jennings and kristen will be there. tickets for monday night are still available. log on to our website for a link and more information. you will find that under "see it on tv." ♪ >> doing good this holiday season could make you $7,000 richer. go to the abc7 news facebook page and take the
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pledge to give where you live. with each pledge we will donate one dollar in your honor to the bay area's feeding america's food banks up to $75,000. everyone who takes the pledge will be entered to win $7,000 cash. the winner will be announced december 19th. spread the love and help us give where you live. >> next, the cold snap continues. we will have a live report from the santa cruz mountains. we are working on that. we have a crew in the area. they are looking for this snow. also, why today's annual pearl harbor day ceremony adopt mt. diablo is being forced to relocate. and the technology that's helping people looking to get fit go in the right direction.
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>> live from the kgo broadcast center. this is abc7 news. >> welcome back. glad you are with us this morning. coming up at 6:30 and starting off with a quick look at the weather. we have a live crew in santa cruz looking for snow. we understand it's in the higher emvisions. lisa argen with what is happening right now. >> hi there, katie. good morning to you. the cold front did move through and in its wake we are pretty clear around the bay right now.
6:30 am
but northwest winds are -- will allow for the chilly temperatures once again. the freeze warning tonight and into sunday. but in terms of the precip, it has moved on out. maybe a few leftover showers. temperatures in the 30s in the north bay. but mid-40s oakland, san francisco and what little precip is left we could see a few flakes of snow in the higher elevations but still under the grip of the cold snap right on through the weekend. a look at your accuweather seven-day forecast coming up. >> lisa, thank you. happening today, survivors of the pearl harbor bombing will gather for the lighting of the beacon ceremony. the newly refurbished beacon has shut off after the pearl harbor attack to make sure it wasn't targeted. has lit once a year to honor pearl harbor victims. it will be moved this year because of the weather. it will be held at the cal bay east bay campus in concord.
6:31 am
>> crews are investigating what caused a water main area of seven hills drive. the rupture of the twelve-inch rain also caused a rink hole to form and that sinkhole trapped a fire truck. crews were able to shut down the flow of water by 10:00 and the fire truck is now out of the sinkhole. >> a man was arrested in downtown san francisco yesterday afternoon after throwing two cats in the by. people tipped off police. police say he resisted arrest. he was taken to san francisco general hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. a woman was carrying her two cats in a carrier last week when he suddenly grabbed it and threw it into the bay. both cats died. they say patterson has a history of assaults. >> there is an investigation
6:32 am
into this week's disabled bart train. wednesday the train become stuck in a berkeley hills tunnel. the train stopped after a short caused emergency brakes to activate, creating a smoky dust that made several passengers sick. florida florida could the latest diet craze be as simple as taking a walk? more people are tracking their steps to loose weight and many are using technology developed right here in the by area to do it. here's health and science reporter carolyn johnson. >> reporter: chris walks five miles a day just getting around his game store in downtown oakland were he knows exactly how many steps he takes thanks to a tiny tracker in his pocket called fitbit. >> it changed my life basically. >> it is one of a growing number of wearable electronics that has people wiring up to lose weight weight. >> i went to 2xl to medium and a 40-inch waist to 29-inch waist. >> he started using it two years ago.
6:33 am
>> i hate exercising like a passion and walking to me is like exercise. >> stores have struggled to keep them in stock. >> at one point there was such a large demand they were flying off the shelf. >> two are leading the pack. job own and fitbit. both track your movement during the day and record your sleep patterns at night. they come with three apps that keep track of the calories you burn and eat. enter in what you ate on the app or scan a bar code with this app. fitbit released it's newest device last month, flex force. >> i went to 80 employees to 200 employees the past two years. products are carried in over 20,000 stores worldwide. >> the idea evolved from the nintendo wii. the first game that allowed people to interact with games by moving. >> i was amazed with the way they combined sensors to wear with gaming. >> that technology has evolved into a number of devices and scales to help people get trim.
6:34 am
>> #* >> there is a huge gap between what people think they are doing and what they doing. >> he wears device is called up. >> it tracks your movement throughout the day passively and sleep at night. in the application you can see what you are doing. >> both apps allow users to set goals and share them with friends on social media. sharon is a nutrition counselor, california pacific medical center in san francisco. she recommends wearable fitness trackers to patients. >> it's trackable. before it was i think i did this, maybe i'll do that, but if you have something that's trackable and traceable, i think that one of the reasons why people can do so much better with those things. chris says he can't stop telling people about how tracking his steps i am proved his health. >> fantastic experience. i recommended it to a ton of friends who are also seeing results. >> carolyn johnson, abc7 news. both the fitbit flex and job own up cost just under $130. >> parents are sounding off of a fisher bryce introduced a new
6:35 am
baby bouncy seat complete with an ipad holder. this shows how it works. it puts play and learning at a baby's fingertips the company says. but some parents say they are disgusted. some reviews on amazon call it one of the worst ideas for a baby product. >> numbers from the cdc reveal fewer women in the u.s. are having kids. while pregnancy women under 30 fell, rates for those older than 30 have increased steadily since 1990. women between the ages of 30 and 39 becoming pregnant has jumped 30% since 1990. happening today about 1,000 value tears from 16 companies in the south bay will build more than 2,000 bicycles for needy children. the event, known as the big bike
6:36 am
build, is organized by the group turning wheels for kids. the volunteers have just five hours to put the bikes together. once assembled, they will go to local charities and be distributed to children as christmas gifts. the big bike build will take place from 8 to 1 today at the san jose convention center. >> reporter: when some merchandise began going missing at a dollar general store in south carolina, authorities began to investigate but they were in for a surprise when they discovered the culprit. turns out this four-legged anine was behind the disappearance of dog treats from store shelves. surveillance footage shows him going into the store twice over the course of several minutes and while inside he steals the goods and buries them nearby. but don't worry, it doesn't look like he or his owner will face serious punishment. authorities said they filled out a police report just for fun. bad dog. so cute, though. next on the abc7 saturday morning news.
6:37 am
how technology is changing the way your dog is learning in school. you will meet some of the people behind the education revolution. and coming up at 6:37 this morning, the live view from our mt. tam cam. you see the camera shaking a little bit there. it's windy. it's winter. temperatures in the low 30s to don't worry, santa will find us. ♪ [ female announcer ] this christmas, light santa's way with the hallmark santa signal ornament. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know?
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enroll today at >> welcome back. >> the holidays have arrived in washington, d.c. >> three, two, one! whew! >> yesterday president obama hit the switch lighting the national christmas tree. michelle obama and their daughters joined the president on stage as he counted down and the president also did a little dancing with a little elf during the festivities last night. a bay area family is one of 20 in the nation competing in the great christmas light fight. it's a family in ran rafael. >> my collecting of disney got to a point where i felt i had enough holiday disney, you know, characters and mickeys, et cetera, that we decided to set
6:41 am
up a display and incorporate my disney collection with our christmas decorations. "the great christmas light fight," a reality tv show, will air here on abc7 starting next monday. >> the winds are starting to gust around the bay area. numbers from fran in the low 40s. only climbing another four or five degrees today. i'll tell you if the rain, possibly snow is over, and when we will see numbers get back to normal coming up. >> thank you, lisa. also coming up, the warriors go on the road and run i love having a free checked bag with my united mileageplus explorer card. i've saved $75 in checked bag fees. [ delavane ] priority boarding is really important to us. you can just get on the plane and relax. [ julian ] having a card that doesn't charge you foreign transaction fees
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>> welcome back. the sky looks gorgeous but it might be a indicates it looks better then it feels. 28 only get up to 48 degrees. to me this sounds very, very cold but it is warmer than it was this time yesterday. enjoy if you must go outside. bundle up. >> reporter: most of us, people our age, had to adapt to the internet, but it's all young
6:45 am
children have ever known. schools are racing to be connected as part of their lives. here is abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom. >> reporter: when mike teaches math, technology is everywhere. it's how he collects the homework. >> mega, ashley. >> and goes over the trouble spot. >> twelve to the second power equals -- >> take a rubber stylus and ipad and add power play, it's a classroom full of kids paying attention. >> the kids love it. you can just see their eyes just open when they see the technology on the big screen. >> it's the new face of education for a new generation of learners. >> these kids are digital natives and this is their world. they were completely engaged in the math class. >> but never mind the ipads and fancy projection screen. it's one you cannot see, the school has a blazingly-fast internet connection. that's a luxury that half the schools still don't have that. >> the typical school in america has the same internet access of
6:46 am
typical home, but they have 500 or in the case of this school over 800 kids trying to use that bandwidth. >> evan is the head of the internet highway. they just received $9 million from microsoft founder bill gates and facebook founder mark zuckerberg and others. >> what mark zuckerberg and bill gates realized, we are at a tipping point right now. in terms of technology really being able to make a difference. >> he envisions a world where dozens of classrooms can stream video all at once using world events, like the passing of nelson mandela, as teachable moments. but to get there they have to find out which schools need the upgrades, connect them with federal grant money and give them help spending it in the best way possible. the superintendent said investing in that is good for silicon valley. >> if they are going to have the workforce they need to keep america competitive as we move forward, they have to invest in schools. it's nice to see the great partner ship.
6:47 am
>> in menlo park, abc7 news. >> coming up on your saturday morning at 6:47. >> chilly air returns. mild air ahead of it. we had rain and wind. live doppler 7hd shows the passage of the cold front. right now in the san joaquin valley and fresno. we are looking at a winter storm warning in the sierra nevada. but locally things are pretty quiet. clear conditions and gusty winds in the weak of the cold front. some of the cameras shaking but from our east bay hills camera this morning it looks pretty quiet. it look at our rainfall totals. pretty impressive in the north bay up to a half-inch. but elsewhere a quarter inch over that in oakland and nearly half-inch in concord. over a third in san francisco. with san jose coming in at just over a tenth. so the wind was howling and right now behind the system you
6:48 am
can see the camera shaking from our sutro camera with temperatures in the lower 40s. so coming up another five degrees or two or three degrees, for that matter, along the coast. that's about it. another chilly day today with dry conditions, though. 40 in loss got toes. a look from mt. tam you can see the purple haze and the winds. already up to 38 miles an hour. 33 and just above freezing in santa rosa. we are looking at the hill-top winds. pretty gusty, anywhere from 15 miles an hour, and 27 mile-an-hour wind gusts other place right now. they will continue throughout the day. look at compared to where we have been this morning. temperatures in the 40s. a big change from the 20s the past couple of mornings. but we have a freeze warning in effect for tonight and the next night as cold air continues to settle on in.
6:49 am
lake tahoe right now, it is snowing with temperatures in the low to mid-20s. some very gusty winds. that winter storm warning right on through 10:00. maybe a little bit of leftover moisture falling as snow in the highest elevations of the south bay. otherwise we have our sites on some more freezing cold mornings tomorrow and into monday morning before things finally begin to go back to normal. here's a look at our rainfall throughout the next couple of hours. you may see an isolated shower over san francisco. some of the coastal hills. but other than that, it's high pressure and sunshine resulting for the bulk of the day today with those breezy northwest winds and temperatures once again anywhere from about 47 in livermore to perhaps 50 in oakland. so a chili afternoon. same deal tomorrow after a freezing start. so even colder tonight. the accuweather seven-day forecast, a couple frigid mornings.
6:50 am
getting milder monday and tuesday, a few more clouds wednesday. i think we may have to do without the chance of rain on thursday. not looking great but temperatures in the mid-and upper 50s. kind of a wild ride the last couple days. >> when the word milder sounds amazing, you know it's bad. thanks, lisa. in sports late this afternoon stanford will try to clinch a spot in the rose bowl. the 7th ranked cardinal play in tempe against number 11 southwest state in a championship game. kickoff at 4:45 on our sister network espn. and warriors kicked off a three-game road trip in houston lift night. here's larry beil with the highlights in this morning's sports. good morning. after their amazing come back in toronto, the warriors in come-back mode in houston. head coach mark jackson would prefer not trailing by 27 every single game. warriors getting their first look at dwight howard this season, now a rocket. he was a force down low. look at him rip the rebound
6:51 am
22 points, 18 boards. 12 of 20 from the line. warriors shot just 27% in the first half. steph with an air ball? 36% for the game. curry had 22 points, but this game was never close. blowout alert. james harden jamming. led all scorers with 34 as the rockets ross 105-83. warriors drop to 11-9 on the season. less then eight months ago when kobe bryant went down against the warriors. he had a torn achilles tendon. kobe will return sunday against toronto. but at age 35 who knows if he will still be able to dominate. my guess is, yes, he will still dominate. sharks and carolinas, the hurricanes just signed the grinch. what kind of a goalie is he? sharks looking good early. first period, wingels deflecting the shot and beats the grinch. sharks built the 2-0 lead. stalock in net. a double deflection mid-it 2-2. back and forth in the third.
6:52 am
braun with the blast to tie it at 3. here's the game winner. elias lindholm. a lot of traffic and it's another deflection in front. an empty goal net would make the final 5-3 the hurricanes. but you don't have to wind it like beckham to know when your soccer team is sent into the group of death it's probably not going to end well. that's where team usa is going in the world cup. the world cup draw held yesterday. the u.s. landed in a group that is just loaded. germany is great, portugal has reynaldo, and ghana has knocked the u.s. out of the last two cups. the top two teams from each group will advance. >> it's one of the most difficult groups in the whole draw. having portugal with reynaldo and ghana that has a history with the united states, it couldn't get more difficult or bigger. but that's what a world cup is about. it's a real challenge. we will take it. high school football.
6:53 am
archbishop mideast vs. sarah in the open division championship. scoreless in the third until mideast's monroe takes the pitch, turns the corner and goes down the sideline, 69-yard touchdown. 7-0. but sarah would go on to score 21 unanswered points. bullying his way in and sarah takes the title 21-7. we have college football this afternoon on abc7. it's the a.c.c. championship game. number one ranked florida state vs. duke and after that "lexus after the game" and all the highlights around 8:30. hope to see you then. have a great weekend, everyone. i'm larry beil. >> next, not your average caltrain. a festive form of transportation is doing more th
6:54 am
6:55 am
you know how long that takes? five years. you are so important, and i don't think you know it. you can buy a house. you do not want to be... [ male announcer ] find some peace this holiday. get 8 pieces any recipe,
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2 large sides, 4 biscuits, and 12 cookies baked in-restaurant, that's a lot for just $19.99! yes you did. yes you did. no i didn't. no i didn't. yes you did. yes you did. no i didn't. no i didn't. did not. yes you did. [ male announcer ] today tastes so good. >> here are the winning numbers from lift night's megamills draw. >> nobody got them so tuesday night's jackpot soars to a whopping $344 million. >> this weekend caltrain's holiday train will be setting off from san francisco all in the name of charity. the train is decorated with thousands of lights and it will arrive at san francisco caltrain station at 4:00 p.m. today and tomorrow and will travel down the peninsula and into the south bay. it will make nine stops along the way to entertain crowds with live music and an appearance from santa claus. good times, but know that the
6:57 am
train will also be collecting new unwarped toys from its guests for it's toys for tots program. >> all right. beginning to look a lot like christmas and feeling a lot like winter. >> certainly in the mountains where a winter storm warning is in effect for the next three hours in the sierra nevada. up to 7 feet and major travel problems getting there today. you might want to put that off. today we will see sunny skies. winds picking up out of the northwest. feeling cooler than the mid-and upper 40s. the run ended. looking for a freeze work for the next couple of mornings. back to average temperatures by the middle of the week and only one little chance of rain next week. that would be on thursday. >> good. only two little icicle icons in seven days. i'll take it. thanks for joining us on the abc7 saturday morning news. abc7 news continues at 1:00 a.m. "good morning america" is next. have a great day.
6:58 am
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call 1-888-xarelto or visit good morning, america. this morning, the deadly arctic blast. a dangerous ice storm. one of the worst in years. paralyzing a huge swath of america right now, with travel delays and power outages. >> it's definitely here. >> and now, there's a new storm brewing. ginger has the latest. christmas grinches, caught on camera. the heartless thieves stealing freshly-delivered holiday packages from their own neighbors. we'll tell you how police finally caught the suspects. fallout from a shooting, captured on camera. the officer involved in this wild scene -- [ gunshots ] firing at a van filled with children, as it sped away. now, his bosses are taking


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